Internet is an essential part of daily life of children and youth nowadays. However, when facing Child Sexual Abusive Materials (CSAM) online, there is lacking in proactive mechanism indisrupting the dissemination of such material in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, online issues in related to our next generation, such as Cyber Crime and Cyberbullying, would also need the cooperation and support from collective contribution from public to ease the situation. 

On 7 Feb 2017, Global Safer Internet Day, numerous stakeholders concerning the child online safety issues have organized and participated in a roundtable discussion to discuss and share the best practice to create a safer Internet, simultaneously guests from the Asia Pacific region were also invited to share their experience. As a follow-up action of the roundtable, the participants reached the consensus of establishing a collaborative platform, eHelp Association, in a bid to promote and protect the online safety of children and youth. With the jointforce from everyone, we can create a better and safer Internet for our next generation.